What Tape are you using in your Reel To Reel?

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What Tape are you using in your Reel To Reel?

Postby harry » Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:12 pm

Hello All,

I'm about to record a new project, and will be using a 1/4" deck for mix-down. I need to buy some new tape, and was wondering if anyone would like to comment on their experience with tapes from RTM or ATR (harder to get in Aust it seems).
I'm also curious about your opinions on standard level tapes vs hi-bias (my machine is able to work with hi-bias tapes).


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Re: What Tape are you using in your Reel To Reel?

Postby wez » Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:13 pm

I'm just completing a project on 1/4" (Ta@#$% 44-OB 4-track, 15ips - beautiful machine), using brand new RTM 911 (pancake) from Casstape. I had my machine set up around it, and while it generally sounds excellent I've been quite disappointed by a few dropouts and tape slitting issues.

It's only one reel so far, so I'd be reluctant to trash the brand on that basis... but if the next reel is the same then I'll be pretty unhappy.

What machine have you got? For this machine/project (lo-fi folky acoustic singer/songwriter stuff), the classic 911/456 @15ips thing works really well - some hiss for sure but it's all part of the vibe. For mixing down you might want something a bit more hi-fi so the ATR might be worth a look (never used it myself).
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Re: What Tape are you using in your Reel To Reel?

Postby berkfinger » Thu Feb 06, 2020 11:15 am

ATR tapes on both the 2" 24 track and 1/4" 2 track here. It's indestructible and sounds great. Seems to last a long time without getting noisy or shedding...

Had lots of trouble with RMG shedding and not lasting long, as well as reels that weren't very round, causing transport issues. It also kinda sounded boxy and the hiss wasn't pleasant. The ATR does feel more open on the top and has a deeper and more linear bottom end/lo mid to my ear and a more pleasant and quieter hiss. I guess it sounds broader and a bit more "modern" where the RMG sounded thumpier and more vintage??

We get our tape from Vintage King or Thomann.de... the Australian distributor is too flaky and it works out about the same cost to get it from overseas anyway.
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