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Woo Hoo

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 10:27 pm
by adamcal
Im the first!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 11:51 pm
by davemc
Hey Adam..

Catch up soon hey.

Bye Dave

PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2005 12:19 am
by PeterR

fast too............for now 8)

PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2005 2:32 am
by Martin
me rikey!

the email notifications will be a big help, won't miss replies!

good work mark

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 12:38 am
by Stephen C
Hello everyone! Thanks for the new forum, Rick, and everyone else involved! :D

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 3:29 pm
by Jason Dirckze
Hey all!

Any plans for the layout of the forum??? Like having different sections etc..

Might be nice......



PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 3:52 pm
by Mark Bassett
As far as sections go we don't have any current plans to divide the forum up and categorize it.

I'm unsure if Rick would want a "For Sale" section for example, you guys/girls can use evibay for that.

That's not to say categories won't happen sometime in the future.

We are currently working on how to go about displaying the massive archive of info from the old fourm. It all has to be sorted as there's a lot of info there, and it's not all useful.

Perhaps an archive section will result, where topics that have been on the main forum for a month or so will end up. A reference section of sorts?

Keep the ideas coming....

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 4:11 pm
by Martin
would be great if you could find a way to import the old database into some sort of searchable function on here... that would be a big help

for sale sections don't really get in the way if they have their own section, its more just cluttering up the main line of discussion that gets annoying i think

if people don't wanna browse through forsale/wanted then they don't have to click there, in the old forum you didn't really have the choice so much

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 5:06 pm
by Martinez
I kinda think the Idea of having a for sale section on the forum would be cool due to fact that a lot of that sort of thing happens anyway here.

but it should definately be in a different section, but on the other hand the cool thing about the old forum was the simple lay out.

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 8:19 pm
by davemc
I for one do not think there is a problem with a For Sale section.
I just brought a M149 from gearslutz as I knew the guy selling it I felt safer then ebay.

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 10:58 pm
by Henry
Having a Black Market section for buying and selling gear could be very useful to avoid the problems associated with evilbay?

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 11:14 pm
by everglass
I would also welcome a FOR SALE section!

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 11:18 pm
by Luke Garfield
I like the forsale idea as well. Hopefully most of the traffic to this site are "genuines" and it will be a useful resource for moving around gear to people who are serious. Anyways just some more cred for the idea.

Also the sections idea... I frequent a forum which has a heap of sections and it gets very time consuming wading through them to find stuff you want to read. Maybe leave it with one and expand as required - just a thought.

Everything looks good though! Keen to hear some new quandries and questions. Let's get posting.


PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 11:53 pm
by Jason Dirckze
Looks like the people have spoken!

I think the "For sale" section would probably be a good idea too, I would much rather buy from Aussies than through evli-bay.

There maybe should be a "Techies" section, for people having issues with gear, and maybe a DAW section???



PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2005 12:33 am
by Martinez
Wow! this has been a most productive thread, cosidering it's title is woo whoo!