Studio contents insurance.

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Studio contents insurance.

Postby mylesgm » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:16 pm

Who should I go to, good bad experiences etc.
Myles Mumford
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Re: Studio contents insurance.

Postby gigpiglet » Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:57 am

i thnk insurance is a fallacy...
dont get me started.

but - for anything that the government forces me to have - ive found AON to be excellent.
they have a "music and entertainment" division who seem to get it...

certainly worth getting a quote from them
email me if you would like and ill intro you to my person, or you could probably just google and cold call, i cant imagine the deal would change.
Gareth Stuckey
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Re: Studio contents insurance.

Postby The Tasmanian » Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:25 am

Hi Myles - you must be getting close to finishing????
I'm with Gareth -
I know its a fallacy - don't get me started either...

The ones I know of:
Action Insurance - a broker who specializes in studios/festivals/entertainment industries. Ian Stack was the man I use to deal with - top helpful guy
....mmm - back in the days where I threw stupid amounts of money down the toilet on insurance..

But to insure all your gear properly, that is, in the studio, in transit, and out on location, you may end up working 4-5 days a month to pay your insurance company! (my last quote was this much!)
I think the wisest thing to do is insure only certain specific irreplaceable items.
Public liability is a must.

Security steel doors and locks, proper alarm system (+signage), don't leave gear in cars + smart thinking = the best insurance policy
C h r i z t o w n o
The Tasmanian
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Re: Studio contents insurance.

Postby dave01.cooper » Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:33 am

Hey Myles,

Being a local, would be happy to have a chat if you need some info. We too go with AON too like Gareth. We've got 'a guy' (broker) who found us the best deal.

Sure you still pay a bit of money per year but having the contents insured against fire, water, theft & property damage makes me sleep easy at night.

Our policy is only for on site claims, gear that moves off site is via our own sole trader ABN insurance policies.

Dave Cooper

E - dave @ soundmachinestudios . com . au
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