ADVICE for daw choice/

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ADVICE for daw choice/

Postby feris » Sat Jun 25, 2005 7:05 pm

i have a p4 1.7,,mhz
and a g5dual2.0 ,,
be!@#$%^& ddx3216 digital mixer,,with adat connections ,,
RME pad8 2adat/2 spdif ,,,
SPL goldmike 2,valve pre,with a ad convertor on board spdif connection
focusrite liquid channel(i am thinking of seeling it,,the gold mike seems to work well into the rme)
1 rode nt1 mike

i am currently running cubasesx2 on the p4,,,and am struggling in the decision to use the g5 dual and put the rme and mixer on the g5 and CONVERT TO LOGIC,,,cubase seems to be working well,,but having the g5 five there it seems like i should use it,,,seeing as my mixer and card will work in it and it will be faster than the p4 1.7,,,is logic a much more proffessional daw ,,compared to cubasesx,,also is logic harder to use,,also is logic7.1 all i need to complete a project

sorry about all these indecisive questions,,just want the best from what i have ,,and if i sell the liquid channel i will have some money,,so that means i can by more gear
thankxs Feris mezed
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Postby Unjay » Sun Jun 26, 2005 3:25 am

Logic is absolutely all you need, and it's swelegant!
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Postby Trent » Sun Jun 26, 2005 7:58 pm

logic is great, but check out Digital Performer.

Its the recording and editing of protools with the sequencing of logic. its less complicated than logic as well. It doesnt have any synths with it... but its a fair bit cheaper so you can buy a good set of them...
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Postby Chris H » Mon Jun 27, 2005 2:38 pm

If you have any ties with education then Logic can be purchased for $499 and you get all the soft synths audio instruments and plugins. Now with the set up assistant to get you going it is easy to get started.The freez function lets you free up cpu for more plugins or/and you can use another mac's processing power in using the node function.Some ways of doing things in logic take time to discover and it is an advantage to have an experienced user to pick his /her brains every now and again. I used to stumble around a bit when editing audio on the arrange page but now it is a breeze and much better than two years ago. It tok me just half an hour or so to get into serious editing and mastering for DVD the first time i worked in Logic syncroed to video. One limitation id had was NO plugin delay compensation on the busses so i had to set things up so audio would stay synced to video but the latest vesion has fixed this. Another limitation is that it is not Pro Tools for the simple reason that in places like Sing Sing and with many home recording artists who aspire to that level pro tools is the preffered software. So pro tools would get me more places if i was wanting to go full time frelance etc. But as a singer songwriter i think Logic is one of the best choices. If i was on PC then Nuendo would be my choice for native or pro tools. The financial commitment needed in pro tools is too much for any one who is not there yet in a buissines sence. Besides their converters sounding crap.
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Postby Kris » Mon Jun 27, 2005 3:23 pm

One thing to note when comparing Logic to Tools is that Logic right out of the box will import and export OMF files, which you can then take over to a tools only studio. Tools charge you $800 for the privelege of importing and exporting OMF files using digi translator.

Logic slams tools in many areas in my opinion, least of which is the price. Tools will only allow you to talk to digidesign hardware, Logic is open to any and all including digidesign.

Postby smash » Mon Jul 04, 2005 2:08 am

Use both 'tools and Logic on a daily basis.

Still use both depending on the project.

I think Logic is a better sounding program, Protools definately is more of a standard.

Personally, Logic is a much better platform for writting, actually comes with a decent collection of useable plug-ins,

Protools has the advantage of being able to drop a session on to an i-pod, take to medium size studio to overdub, take to bigger studio to mix.

In any project one of my biggest considerations is what platform my collaborators are using, unfortunately not every studio has Digitranslator, and sometimes studio choice has already been made by higher powers.
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Postby Choby » Tue Jul 12, 2005 7:47 pm

Wow, no-one uses SX?

I prefer it personally though I agree Logic rocks. I'm a PC boffin, what can I do :)

Perhaps with your G5 you may be better off with logic. Certainly prefer that to tools

I honestly haven't even layed a finger on any incarnation of logic since it hit the mic. Hows it going guys?
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