Thanks guys

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Thanks guys

Postby heathen » Mon Jul 04, 2005 6:45 pm

Thanks guys I will deffinately test the rme and nuendo is going to be my choice of software so it all should be fine then.Yeah Kurt the hdr has a network card and I use it alot,but ftp is not the safest way to transfer files,hd swapping is the go I think.I used one ftp program and it corrupted every file I sent,so I just used internet explorer to transfer and not 1 error yet.Also importing hundreds of files into the hdr can be a nightmare.When I bought it pc's just were'nt stable enough but now they rip it in.My new pc will have a dualcore 2ghz AMD opteron processor and probably a couple of gig of ram for under $1000,how times have changed.That should be adequate I reckon.
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