Front panel silk screen / laser etch

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Front panel silk screen / laser etch

Postby chris p » Fri Aug 05, 2005 2:48 pm

I'm looking for a place in Sydney that can do one-off custom print/etch of 19" rack panels (mostly 1U) from full size PDF artwork (or any hints on how to do it DIY) - I think I can remember what all my home built bits and bobs do, but I'd like the rack to look nice and professional, even the home built bits.

Any thoughts, anyone?
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chris p
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Postby Howard Jones » Fri Aug 05, 2005 4:22 pm

Lots of Watts offer this service, although I'm not sure what input formats they accept.
Howard Jones
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Postby Kurt » Sat Aug 06, 2005 10:38 am

You could get it nicely hand engraved at key king or somewhere similar if it's just labelling. Doubt it would be accurate enough for numbering though.
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Postby Trent » Thu Aug 11, 2005 7:30 pm

if ya want it engraved, go and see "pete the pom" in the shoe repair shop near the train station in hornsby... he ingraved in hebrew on the inside of my wedding ring, following a print out on A4.

very talanted with the engraver he is...
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Postby peterc » Fri Aug 19, 2005 7:24 am

Look in your local Yellow Pages for a engraver/trophy shop that advertises laser engraving/etching.

I used a shop here, supplied the panel & graphic (in .EPS fromat AFAIR) and a few days later the panel came back very nicely engraved.

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