alsihad - where does it come from?

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alsihad - where does it come from?

Postby smash » Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:30 pm

Just got curious,

Can anyone tell me where the "alsihad" moniker for ProTools actually came from?

I was curious and I couldn't work it out.
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Postby headman » Thu Feb 16, 2006 6:55 pm

it's "ALLS I HAD" (recording equipment) to do the job. i think it came from a wit on the prosound web called mixerman
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Postby Martin » Sun Feb 19, 2006 1:04 pm

glad someone finally asked that it was starting to bother me that i wasn't part of the cool group that knew everything :)
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Postby Kurt » Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:43 pm

Buy the book, it's bloody funny :)
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Re: alsihad - where does it come from?

Postby Linear » Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:39 pm

smash wrote:Just got curious,

Can anyone tell me where the "alsihad" moniker for ProTools actually came from?

I was curious and I couldn't work it out.

also (from mixerman himself on the recpit archives)

Shit Brigade: A group of regulars around the Recpit that are likely experienced engineers that enjoy giving each other shit. They also flame newbies for sport. Consider it an honor if you're flamed by one or more of them, and don't run away, stay and take it like a man. They might start to respect you. Either that or they'll flame you until you break down and can't take it anymore, and have no choice but to run to Gearslutz.

NibNob: A line of recording and processing gear that can do just about anything. It is a very popular line amongst most of the Shit Brigade, as they are all endorsers of the product. All Shit Brigade receive discounts on the NibNob in compensation for their endorsement of the product, and also because they are typically developers of software for the various platforms.

Alsihad: A recording platform that is used to destroy music in general. It makes musicians lazy and sounds like crap too. Some express their unabashed love for Alsihad, these are typically Alsihah (ones who operate Alsihad). Those that express a lack of enjoyment for Alsihad are typically Luddites (those that shun the forward advancement of technology). While Luddites and Alsihah can be best of friends, the more vocal ones are typically at odds with each other, and can't understand what the hell the other is thinking about.

Alsihah: One who operates Alsihad.

Luddite: 1. One who shuns technological advancement. 2. One who prefers to use analog recording techniques, and typically chooses quality of sound over imagined cost benefits or perceived advantages in function.

Jedi: One who is a Master. i.e. A Jedi Alsihah would be one who is exceptional at what he does with Alsihad. Jedi Luddite would be another use of the term.

MOA: Mother of Alsihad. The Company that makes Alsihad. THey are considered the arch-enemy of Luddites and Alsihah alike. Yet Alsihah continue to purchase Alsihad over and over again. They cry about spending the loot, and then defend their purchase to the death. Meanwhile, the Luddites are fixing their 2" machine that they've had for the past 30 years once again, but hey, it's paid for, right?

Alsihad 007: It's Alsihad, and it's free. Similar to a Heroine dealer giving you Heroine free for the first few times. Another guaranteed customer! Especially since most Alsihah (or future Alsihah) that get the 007 haven't developed their ears yet, so they think it sounds just fine, until the new improved Alsihad comes out.

The Duck: Also referred to as the OSayCanUC, which would be considered an Archaic term, though not invalid, The Duck is the place that Alsihah can discuss Alsihad. The Duck rules with an Iron Fist, and they will erase any posts that criticize them. That would be the opposite of the recpit, where we view criticisms as an opportunity to answer those criticisms, with a well worded, witty, sarcastic response, designed to either inspire them to stick around, thereby joining the Shit Brigade, or run with their tail between their legs.

Newbie: There are two types of newbies. Those that have posted less than 10 posts, and those that are new to the field of Audio Engineering. Newbies need approach with caution.

LMFBO: A term developed by Shit Brigade Member in Good Standing, Slipperman. A derivative of the original internet acronym "Laughing My F@#$ing Ass Off" which is without a doubt, overplayed. There are some that have felt for a long time that it was "Laughing My F@#$ing Butt Off" which I always found quite humorous as why would someone use the term "butt" after they just used the term "F@#$ing"? Apparently, they wouldn't! According to Slipperman, the 'b' stands for "balls". Personally, I'll still read it as "butt".

Banjo Center: A National chain that sells musical instruments and Pro Audio. They're staff typically treats you like you're an idgit, until such time as they find out that you happen to make records for a living, then they are offerring you their demo's at an alarming rate, and asking if they can "hang out". Meanwhile you are being pelted by scales from hack banjo players that have no intention of buying a F@#$ing banjo, but rather are looking to somehow be 'discovered'.
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