Keeping it simple

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Keeping it simple

Postby gigpiglet » Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:25 pm

so this week i have been on the road with one of my long term clients Tim Finn.
he has been playing simple, 3 piece "acoustic" shows at each of the lizottes venues, and some corporates.

input list is 7 ch
kick (tim plays - vintage ludwig, instead of a stomp box)
bass DI (though its been loud enough offstage nearly every night)
tim acoust
elec gtr
and 3 vocals.

i have used nothing more than the consoles and Pas supplied inhouse
1 reverb
stereo comp on the mix
monitors from FOH

not my usual gig i suppose - but rather good fun just "turning the faders up" and letting an awesome musician do his (very experienced) thing.

anyone else doing anything that isn't their usual modus operandi at the moment?
(don't worry - next week ill be back to live multi tracking The Voice winners...)
Gareth Stuckey
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