variety of stuff for sale

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variety of stuff for sale

Postby mylesgm » Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:24 am

Hi all,

The studio is up and running and to be honest I'm a little swamped in gear that is not getting used in the studio setup so... I'm doing a little sale! This is the first round of stuff, there'll be more. All of it is at Rolling Stock in Collingwood and you're welcome to test it there. I'd prefer pick up etc but if you reaaaaally want me to post I will. I'd prefer cash but if you need an invoice I'll do that too though I'll have to add gst. Feel free to pass this email along.

The pick of the next crop will be a BLUE mic or two, and a small format Chilton CM2 console otherwise it'll be similar stuff to what's here. I also have a largish stash of trimax and astor transformers if you need something in that arena.


TL Audio Dual Valve Mic pre/DI. Sounds surprisingly good especially as a DI. Not at all like the Ivory series from TL Audio
Works fine, dusty but otherwise in excellent condition.

2x Golden Age EQ573. These pair with the GA 573PRE to complete the 1073 circuit. They need the preamp module to work and they use an internal link cable which is included. The preamp modules are already sold.
They work perfectly and sound excellent, especially the high pass filter.
$250 each

2x Jensamp 51x
The Jensamp 51x is a version of the RCA BA71 preamp circuit with some modifications, including a DI input and improved output stage. Uses NOS ASY26 Germanium transistors. As it runs on +/-24vdc, the Jensamp is compatible only with 51x Alliance racks, and will not run 500-series racks. These units were built by me and have worked flawlessly for 6-7 years. They have the haufe i/o transformers which clip early on input so they need an external pad if recording loud sources (or use the pad on the mic). Max 50.5db gain
$550 for the pair

4ch Harrison mic preamp. Made from cards removed from a custom OB truck from the early 1970s. Completely discrete with Beyer transformer inputs and Tamura transformer inputs, racked with JLM psu and go-betweens.
Very cool unit and probably unique. $1200

McCurdy 3 band EQ from a broadcast console. Can't remember where I got the modules from but they are a simple 3 band eq with a switchable mid frequency. Simple but robust and clean sounding.

My first ever rack project. 2x 3 band eq designed by Deane Jensen (of Jensen Transformers) for the band Up with People in the 1970s. These particular modules came from the famous Indigo Ranch studios, one of the house techs there sold them to me after he'd stripped a console and 24 of these eq modules were used on the protools returns for one of their studios.
3 bands of swept eqs, fet based, unbalanced i/o but could be converted to balanced out as it's on the board but I was too green to realise. This works fine but is in need of a clean up and the pots need a good deoxit clean.

4 channels of PEI mic preamp modules in a robust "lunchbox". I bought the raw modules from these guys ... I/PEI.html
Racked by Barney Loveland about 7-8 years ago for me and used on a variety of projects since then. Red switches are phantom per channel. Powered by JLM psu, rear panel is on hinges for easy servicing though I've never needed to.
Sound great, loads of gain.

This the original 4ch nightpro mic preamp with jensen input transformers and the "air" band eq. Excellent mic preamps but the powersupply is an early switchmode unit, is overly complex and has failed. A tech has attempted to repair the psu with zero success. The rest of the circuit is untouched, was working fine until the powersupply died but the demise of the power supply didn't seem to affect the rest of the circuit. A new and probably external powersupply will need to be built as the original module is now unobtainium. Maag audio has said that they can probably repair it or will take it in trade against their current product line. The jensen transformers retail at more than $400 for 4.

Pics are here:
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