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JLM BA4 & DBX mic pre/processor

PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:34 am
by Lachie
JLM Baby Animal mic pres - $800
Single RU containing 4 mic pres.
First two channels have CAPI input transformers and CAPI 2520 DOAs.
Last two channels are standard JLM 1:4 input transformer and 99v DOA.

DIs on the first two, no output transformers on any.

I built this around 10 years ago, have used it ever since and it's always been solid as. Around 2 years ago I swapped in the CAPI parts for channels 1 & 2.
Generally it's pretty clean with quite a lot of gain (enough for ribbons etc).

XLR in/out on the back, JLM power supply included.

DBX 1 286 mic pre/processor - $100
Decent enough mic pre with comp/expander/gate/de-esser functions.
XLR input / TRS output.

Pick up in Marrickville.