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FS: Leslie 825 Rotary Speaker - Modified/Project

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:24 pm
by wez
This started out as a standard single-speaker 825. The original solid state amp had some issues, so I removed it and set it up to run off an external amp. I also built a top shelf and added the upper driver/horn/motor/crossover etc - and it sounds great, much like a 330 (or even a 145, depending on which amp you mate it with, which is kinda the point).

The caveat is that it's an unfinished project. Both motors work fine, and switch perfectly from fast to slow. However I'm going to remove my prototype switching system before sale - it's a simple relay-based switch that works fine, and whilst it's all double insulated and safe, I'm not a qualified electrician and this is all AC stuff of course.

Also, the top motor has not been secured in place as I was experimenting with placement/tension.

So, if you know what you're doing you could get this going as a very fine organ or guitar cabinet utilising a nice tube amp. Or you could source an original Leslie solid state amp for probably not much money. Or you could part it out (which is what I'll do if no one grabs it). The motors on the their own are worth the starting price, probably more.

$200 or an interesting trade. Pickup only in Melbourne.