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NF Audio MC30 - 3in/3out Passive Monitor Controller

PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:38 pm
by waitup
OK! For sale is this NF Audio MCR30 Stereo Monitor Controller.

In the interest of transparency I should explain that NF Audio is my company. I manufacture custom built-professional audio equipment. The MCR30 is a product that I used to manufacture.

I built this particular unit for myself and it has been used in my personal studio since I built it in 2010. I am only replacing and selling it as I have since built a larger controller with additional features for my current studio.

I have given the unit a complete service and overhaul internally. All switches and contacts cleaned and exercised. Complete re-wire with new twisted pairs and fitted with a brand new 24-position stepped attenuator. It is as good as brand new internally and I will warranty the unit for 24 months.

As this is a used unit, it does have some minor cosmetic stuff. A little rack rash around the bolts, the lid and bottom but nothing major. I completely cleaned the front panel and I fitted new knobs.

A little about the unit:

- 3 selectable balanced, stereo source inputs all on Amphenol XLR connectors
- 3 selectable balanced, stereo monitor outputs all on Amphenol XLR connectors
- Volume control for monitors is on a precision 24-position stepped attenuator so you get none of the wobbly left/right thing you get with potentiometers, even at very low levels.
- L/R cut switch for listening out of just one speaker
- Mono switch for
- Completely passive - no colour or noise induced by the unit.
- Fully balanced throughout so excellent rejection of external noise etc.
- All internal wiring in twisted pairs for excellent noise rejection.
- Constructed with indestructible parts in a robust enclosure. Will work reliably for a lifetime or more.

I am after NOW $400. You can collect the unit from the inner west of Sydney or I will post it anywhere in Australia for $30.00.

Thanks for reading


Re: NF Audio MC30 - 3in/3out Passive Monitor Controller

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:35 am
by waitup
Price drop $400