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Changed my mind - this kit is too nice to sell

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:22 pm
by Drumstruck
Thanks for drooling, I'm keeping it ;-).

I think I've decided to sell this beautiful Slingerland kit. Late '70s vintage in excellent condition.

24" bd
13" and 14" rack toms
16" and 18" floor toms
All in gold glitter wrap
14x6.5" snare chrome over wood

All bearing edges are perfect
All interiors are perfect original clear varnish
All are 5 ply maple
All chrome is perfect
All rims, fittings, mounts and legs are original
Gold glitter wrap is excellent with just a few marks

All skins near new
Remo emperor coated batters
Remo ambassador clear resonants
Remo powerstroke bd and powerstroke gold bd reso

This kit must be heard to be believed - big, warm, resonant, responsive, clear, holds it's tuning perfectly.

Includes nearly a full set of top quality hardcases.
Includes 2 cymbal stand and a snare stand non-slingerland)
No pedals or cymbals - just great drums.