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handwired AC15 type amp + Bad Cat

PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:26 pm
by aside
Hi all,

I normally wouldn't post this kind of gear here but both these amps are fantastic studio amps so what the hell.

Bad Cat Cougar 50 head - $600 - Dual EL34 rock and roll beast. Cleans are great, warm to spanky, and the gain channel goes from Bluesy to Angus, through Foo Fighters to early Metallica. Nice spring reverb too, very impressive for the price and kills any modern Marshall / Orange I've ever heard. Comes with original box so shipping should be easy. Only selling as the all round sounds aren't very different to my other Bad Cat, and I'm trying to downsize the insanity that is my studio.

Valvetone / EB Amps British Invasion head 15W in red - $495 - Fantastic handwired AC15 type amp, cleans are very nice, plenty of Marshally gain if required but also does the chimey Vox thing beautifully. Only selling as I have an AC30 and a plexi. Excellent condition, near new really, studio use only. Power light is currently out, have been meaning to pop into Jaycar but it hasn't happened yet. Will include a $65 padded cover if you don't haggle on price.

Pickup from Mount Riverview NSW after hours or could arrange from Chester Hill weekdays. If interstate I'm happy to drop off at Pack and Send if you want to organise that.