Rivetting XLR plugs onto cases

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Rivetting XLR plugs onto cases

Postby Andrew » Tue Oct 24, 2006 12:47 am

Hi Guys!

Just a quick one for diy-selfers and you may or may not know this :wink:

When your trying to rivet xlr plugs into a box and the rivet comes up skew because of the lip on the plug getting in the way of the rivet gun head...try adding a small bolt onto the long end of the rivet (inbetween the rivet head & gun). It should be small enough to fit in between the lip and high enough to go over the xlr lip so that when you rivet it ends up flat instead of skew.

Not sure if you can get rivet guns with smaller heads that sort this out. I don't so this method works for me, for now.

Now who knows how to treat burnt fingers from iron?...doh
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