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Minimoog Model D Reissue

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:13 am
by seanolyte
Anyone tried one of these yet?

Is it the real deal i.e sounds as close to the original?

If so I might have to go broke and buy one...

Re: Minimoog Model D Reissue

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:16 pm
by peat
Had a quick noodle on one at a showroom a month or two ago.

Sounded great, looked good, felt good. I don't think you could go wrong!

I have an old '72 Model D and the reissue felt pretty spot on. Maybe the keys feel a little different on the reissue, not in a bad way, just a little lighter (which is probably a good thing)!

If you've got the cash and want one then go for it, haven't heard a single bad thing about it!

Re: Minimoog Model D Reissue

PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:22 am
by Hybrid88
Yeah that's the only thing that seems noticeably different, the keys I mean which are from a Voyager. Which actually is a good thing as the original system sucked (I currently have a vintage Model D that was working fine last time I used it and now half the keys don't trigger properly).

Also the added mods are great, dedicated LFO, Aftertouch etc. Just great. Makes me kinda mad it's so good though cause I have an old one! haha

Re: Minimoog Model D Reissue

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:21 pm
by peat
Sounds like you need new bushings on the keys!

There is something magical about the old ones though (probably just mental placebo)

Honourable mention to the Sub 37 if you want a myriad of features and options, only two real oscillators though so you can't get that amazing triad business you can get going on the Model D!

Re: Minimoog Model D Reissue

PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:39 pm
by Hybrid88
Nah the bushings are fine it's the buss bar that gets dirty if you don't use it enough which sadly I don't.