Data Backup - How do you all go about it?

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Data Backup - How do you all go about it?

Postby harry » Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:08 pm

Hey Guys,

My harddrives are near full so along with getting some bigger ones,
I'd like to investigate whether my backup strategy is any good?

So far I have data in 3 places - internal hard drive, backup external, 2nd backup external kept off site (been a bit lazy.. It usually sits next to the other external drive).

This time around, I was thinking - 2 internal drives in RAiD 0 cOnfiguration (mirror) and an external harddrive (kept off site) that uses Windows 7 automatic backup software? (haven't used this before)

Does anyone have any experiences with this kind of setup? (I have had 2 identical drives go at exactly the same time in the past (IBM death star..)so I was thi king that the 2 internal raid drives be different makes.

Also - what's the deal with 3tb drives - been reading a lot of horror stories regarding 3tb external drives

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Re: Data Backup - How do you all go about it?

Postby Drumstruck » Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:48 pm

Can't argue against mirroring your primary drive - it should be standard in any mission critical machine.

There are a million storage servers available now from a couple of hundred $s (even NAS arrays are becoming affordable) for your onsite automated backups.

Then for offsite ..... Is anyone in audio using an enterprise cloud offering yet in audio? (I don't mean a "public" cloud, I mean a secure managed cloud)
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Re: Data Backup - How do you all go about it?

Postby chribble » Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:35 pm

don't use raid 0 for redundancy, you use that for added iops mainly.
If you're looking for speed you'll get the best kick out of SSD as opposed to raid.

nas' are pretty cheap these days. private cloud is expensive and not really feasible if you only have one user. it's using virtual machines on 1 server, which means you only save money once you scale.

Just use time machine or something and you'll be OK.
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