Slim Phatty + Pro Tools, Control Knob issue

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Slim Phatty + Pro Tools, Control Knob issue

Postby Toucan Studio » Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:33 pm

Hey Guys,

Im having an issue with my slim phatty when using it with Pro tools 10 on mac
via USB. When Pro Tools is active and my Phatty is plugged in via USB the
Control Knobs affect the parameters they are assigned to far faster than

For example the when controlling the Wave parameter on the oscillator, by the
time the knob is at 10 o'clock the little red light has already moved all the
way to rectangle wave, and so has the sound of the oscillator. Then, as soon
as i quit Pro Tools the knob functions as normal

Anyone had a similar issue with a phatty or other synth and know of a solution? Maybe something in pro tools?

Matt Neighbour

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