i-Lok Licence Mgr upgrade on older O.S - fix

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i-Lok Licence Mgr upgrade on older O.S - fix

Postby reddirt » Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:25 am

Thought i'd let you all know of a fix to an issue which threw me for a couple of days.

I'm running a really stable ProTools 10 on Snow leopard system but got a pop up on screen from my Sound Toys plugs saying I needed to update the i-Lpk licence Mgr in order for them to keep running so dutifully followed the instructions on their site which directed me to the i-Lok site where it told me to install the supplied legacy update appropriate to Snow leopard.

After doing an uninstall of the old which meant 'Tools etc wouldn't run , I received an install failed notice when attempting to install the new one. (cue sweating , swearing, stressing etc)

Sent a support ticket to i-Lok who to their credit got back to me overnight;
The fix which worked was to set my system clock back 2 years, install and then reset the clock.

Nowhere was that info available as far as I can see until I sent in a support ticket -WTF.

Any way, hopefully this info saves others from losing more hair. Cheers, Ross

Ross Muir
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Re: i-Lok Licence Mgr upgrade on older O.S - fix

Postby Text_Edifice » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:59 am

I think you can run the update to ilok manager on a different machine and that will sort it.
Dave Carter

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