Turtlerock is run by General Manager and renowned industry veteran Rick O'Neil.

In a career spanning over 30 years, Rick has worked on over 10,000 major release records with tens of millions of sales worldwide and over a billion streams in 2019-20 alone. He has earned over 60 Gold and Platinum awards and worked on 16 ARIA-winning records. Rick has held various executive and consultancy roles within labels and broadcast industries, is an in-demand music tech-consultant, and was part of the international design team for the Weiss/Maya super converter.

Rick is an award-winning producer, a credible engineer, and over the many years has consistently shown he is one of the finest Mastering Engineers in the world. Turtlerock is home to some of the finest dtudio equipment ever made including our legendary Neve 8038 console. We have more tube Neumanns then you can poke a stick at, and an amazing collection vintage guitars and amps. Turtlerock has an extraordinary team of engineers and producers on hand to make all your studio dreams a reality.

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