Korg Poly-61 MIDI Retrofit advice

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Korg Poly-61 MIDI Retrofit advice

Postby wez » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:08 pm

So I'm finally getting around to MIDIfying the POLY-61, just need to decide which kit to get.

I was thinking the Tubbutec ModyPoly was the obvious choice, but then I found the CHD kit (Czech Republic) - https://www.chd-el.cz/products/korg-pol ... interface/

I really only need to get notes INTO the Poly, and can live without enhanced features. I generally prefer to keep my synths as original as possible.

Just wondering if anyone here has ever ordered from these guys before? The Tubbutec kit is more than twice as much (and Kenton sell an even more expensive one).
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