Our Rates

MASTERING (Rates effective June 30 2020)

Per song rate: $165 inc. GST - attended or unattended with Rick O'Neil

We make no distinction in price or quality so it's the same rate whether you're here at the session with us or not… but we'd love you to come along and attend.

Hourly rate: $220 inc. GST - attended or unattended with Rick O'Neil

If for some reason, as often happens, your tracks already sound great, are consistent mix-wise and we find ourselves mastering 2 or even 3 songs in an hour, we change the session rate to charge by the hour and apply the lowest cost rate to the session… so we charge either by the hour or by the song, whichever is cheapest.

For budgets, quotes, short single or a few track sessions use the per song rate as an exact figure and over a longer session with more songs, we generally end up charging by the hour and lowering the end price 25-35%.

Q. How do you know we will do the right thing by you with the final bill amount if we do not attend?
A. It's Turtlerock

Q. How many Mastering revisions do we get? A. Hopefully, and usually, none. However, on occasion, we are requested to have another look at a track so we just sort whatever the issue is (it's your record not ours). We understand.

All our work is guaranteed so relax about the mastering revisions, it's not something we plan you will need.

FORMAT COSTS Mastering for one format only is included in our standard session price. **MASTERING FOR iTUNES

High resolution (24-bit, 96kHz files) with Mastering for iTunes pre approval. We are among the elite mastering studios that are now pre approved by Apple for creating their higher format MFiT masters.


We can provide either

  • a master and listening references on CD-R (included in the price)
  • a DDP master
  • standard .wav files and listening references over the net or on your hard drive if you bring it along (included in the price).

If you require two listed formats that are not the same we charge extra

For example, standard global online .wav files at 16-bit 44.1kHz as well as Mastered for iTunes high-resolution files or Vinyl mastering all at the same time requires substantially more work at our end.

Unsure? Contact us, we don't want to create a bunch of standard masters and then charge you a fortune for extras, nor do we want to spend 6 hours extra on your session for free, so let's talk. There's always a way to get things done at the minimum charge here at Turtlerock.

Production and Mixing

We have more experience making music that is heard out in the world and better equipment than just about anywhere you will ever in go in Australia.

The Platinum and Gold awards and global credits for records that we have worked on over decades are so extensive, and the equipment we use at Turtlerock is simply beyond reproach. It's hard to know what to tell a client who is unaware of our recording services.

Simply put, if we work on your record, it will be done right, on time, on budget, every time.


$500- $700* inc. GST per track everything included (attended or remote)
*rates variable depend on the intensity of the sessions required. For example, a radio track for expected play in the top forty requires much more time than an nice little Sunday afternoon chill-out acoustic record.

Q. How many mix revisions do we get?
A. Hopefully, and usually, none. However, on occasion, we are requested to have another look at a track so we just sort whatever the issue is (it's your record, not ours). We understand.

If you're a tweaker make sure you come along to the mixes, you will appreciate the effort we go to to get it right.


$700-$1500 per day (including Neve 8038 equipped studio ) Production rates are scalable to the project needs and expected outcome with royalties applied where appropriate.

We work from "as good as it gets" to "what can you do with our stinking ghetto budget?"

We can work in locked down blocks of time or dribs and drabs, it's just the state of the music business today. We understand budgets and timing.

Call and discuss what you are seeking for your next record. If we can help make it work out, we will.

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